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Audition - Part of my process for a role I booked

I was reading through one of my notebooks, where I had taken some notes from acting classes and came across an audition that I prepared for and ended up booking. I thought I would share my work and how I came up with my character for this audition:

Brianne – booked role on Midnite Cabby – notes:

Mother: Sondra – very harsh, cunning – grew up in Malibu, trust fund
Father: Frank – very sweet, non-argumentative – grew up in Ohio – blue collar

 *Relationship with husband. He is either extremely good or he is really good at hiding things.  I want to believe in the good but can’t help making myself crazy believing the latter – even though he never gives me a reason to.  I am the love of his life, but the paranoia I have every day in regards to him is starting to get to him.

*Close with family – one brother (Adam-36yrs) who is married with kids

I talk  with them 1-2x monthly. They don’t know my issues and think my life is as perfect as it looks.  They are ready for me to have kids. I don’t want my psychotic tendencies rubbing off on them though.  My husband does want to start, but I’m not letting us.

*Favorite color: red

*Favorite animal: cat

*Favorite food: spaghetti and meatballs

*”B” Student, went to USC and majored in psychology

* Does not work

*ADD – tries to medicate often, but gets scared

*Strives to be perfect, good, innocent, excited but has OCD tendencies.  Brushes and flosses every morning until my gums bleed.  I hide it.  When driving I know my surroundings, feel like I’m being watched.  If I were an animal I would be a panther – strong, sly, cunning, but capable of being sweet and fun when I’m not hunting for something to feed my appetite for drama.  I’m completely insecure but strong enough to hide it for the most part when in public.

-written monologue for audition:

                Hey, You’re home early!  I heard you had a good day, your big deal went through. Yeah, I ran into Susan at lunch and she told me.  I ran in to Susan at lunch and she told me. I ran into Susan. You’re supposed to stay away from her.  It’s easy. You see her, and you change direction.  One more f***ing time and it’s over! What do you want for dinner? Let’s celebrate!

I didn’t end up having to audition with my monologue. I did do a cold read of the script and booked it!

Midnite Cabby’s World Premier will be in Long Beach, CA next weekend!

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