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We got some One Sparkers (including a couple of the co-founders) to give a shout out to Smart Media TV!

One Spark 2014 | Jacksonville | Day Two of Smart Media TV Coverage - YouTube

Check out smart media tv - we interacted with the creators and attendees as they crowded the streets in Downtown Jacksonville, FL


Last week was almost perfect! I had opportunities to work as an actress several times. Monday after work, we finished shooting a spec commercial for trac filters. After speaking with the company we have to do a little tweaking, but they were very happy with my role so that made me smile.
Tuesday night I had my acting class which is always divine.
Wednesday after work I met up with 212 Photography Studio and we shot a hosting and VoiceOver gig for a new website launching called I really love hosting and hopefully I’ll do more projects with this director.
On Saturday I auditioned for a pilot and i think I did okay, but may not look right for the part. Keep your fingers crossed, because it’s the biggest opportunity I’ve had yet! I took some risks and hopefully they were the right ones.
Stay tuned for news on each of these projects!
Sending love to the world and crossing my fingers that you find a way to impact someone else’s life today and dream your dream!! Xo Julie Ann

weareallmadhere18 asked:

I was looking at the actor workshop tag on facebook and it said you were in jacksonville as well, is that the Jax in fl or alabama? I am wondering because I want to attend a few actor workshops for beginners and such to see if I have any talent that is there to hone=) Thank you!

I am in Jacksonville Florida and there are some great workshops and classes here. Let me know if you need any recommendations!

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