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How are you going to make yourself successful this week?

Will you close a deal? Will you call someone and make a connection that you meant to call a month ago? How about read a book by a successful entrepeneur and find out tips on how you can get there too?

Successful means different things to different people. To me, it means going after something your passionate about (if you don’t already have something then finding something your passionate about first) and developing it as far as you can so you are completely happy. Happy is a state of mind, but it is developed through earning, seeing, doing, and being WHATEVER is going to get you there.

In my case, I want to be a successful actor. What does that mean? It means doing what I love everyday and allowing it to provide for me. I don’t have to be rich and famous, but I do want to get to the point where I don’t have to rely on other income to pay my car, health insurance and my grocery store trips. Right now my income from acting is just an added bonus, and usually it comes in right when my car breaks down.

What am I doing this week? The one thing I am focused on is getting my voiceover reel done, so with hard work and determination and when I’m not working my day job THAT is what I’m going to do. 

If you have passion for something, then don’t procrastinate. Other people can add to your happiness, but only you can take complete ownership. Manage your success and don’t wait, for tomorrow might be too late…



FSU - Jameis Winston

While I am a die hard Seminole fan, I agree with most of the other fans in regards to our Heisman winning quarterback. He’s good at football, so he just needs to concentrate on that and keep his mouth shut and his immature actions at bay. I’m sure he is a good kid as Coach Jimbo Fisher says, but just as an actor when you are in the spotlight everything is going to be at the mercy of people around you and the media.

You have to be careful about everything you do and say because even if it’s something as innocent as giving your 5 year old a light tap on the butt for misbehaving SOMEONE is going to have an opinion about it.

I recently had a friend post a picture that showed a mother on her cell phone in the grocery store with her pre-pubescent son handcuffed to her grocery cart. CALL THE COPS!!!

Hey…we have no idea what the reasons are behind this unless we talk to them and get an answer. Maybe she’s just trying to embarrass him because of some stunt he pulled like one of Mr. Winston’s, maybe he is special needs and this is the only way to control him in a public environment, hell MAYBE he is an actor in the midst of a character development scenario and maybe she is too! Lord knows I’ve walked in the student union at FSU as an acting assignment imagining I were someone else. I’ve dressed in rags and held a cardboard sign out as a homeless person outside of Applebee’s! I can just see a picture of me on someone’s facebook page - “look at this homeless chick, she’s asking for money - how about trying to find a job instead of spending your afternoon on the sidewalk!”

HOWEVER, maybe she IS only embarrassing herself because she’s a bad parent. Opinions are opinions and the truth is a different matter, so do a little research before you go nuts on Facebook. When it came to this picture, it seemed like people were more aware of not pre-judging her and giving her excuses- but it’s not always like that as we know.

With that said, whether Jameis got in trouble from shouting on a table in the Student Union because of an already popular topic on Social Media or not, he was way below board on his actions and I’ll tell you why.

He is a LEADER of one of the top football programs in the nation. If another student did the same thing, we wouldn’t be talking about it. However, if another student did the same thing and then ran for student government it would then become a subject of ridicule. Leaders are people we look up to. Leaders have good judgement. Leaders sometimes have to apologize for mistakes, but not bad decisions that affect others. If they make too many bad decisions, then they aren’t leaders for very long. 

Although I’m not happy with him, I wish him the best. He is a talented young man. and if he’s learned anything from this and his past debacles, he has a bright future ahead. 

I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, ALWAYS, in hopes that any doubts are proven wrong. We all do and say stupid things every once in a while. Most of us are smart enough not to do them in an environment where we know we’ll be ridiculed. Sometimes I think maybe I should do something stupid just so people will talk about me ;)

Go ‘Noles!

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